Marlon Sanchez

Marlon Sanchez is Head of Global Prime Finance Distribution, Asia Pacific, at Deutsche Bank. Hestarted his career in 1994 at Morgan Stanley, working in debt capital markets origination where he initially focused on US and Euro medium-term notes for banks and corporates. He later moved to Hong Kong where he joined equity capital markets at Morgan Stanley in 1996, focusing on convertible bond origination. He started business school in 1998 at the Wharton School, where he graduated in May 2000 with an MBA and a specialisation in emerging capital markets.Marlon moved back to Hong Kong in 2002 and specialised in sales trading to hedge funds by tailoring his coverage efforts to the long/short, convertible arbitrage and risk arbitrage specialists at hedge funds within the Asian context. Later in 2006, he joined Deutsche Bank’s sales trading team, where he was responsible for mapping, servicing and tailoring the firm’s approach to absolute return accounts in Asia. Marlon’s responsibilities in account coverage diversified in 2008 to encompass the gamut of institutions active in the region. Marlon became Head of Sales Trading in 2009, responsible for regional sales trading and execution efforts in North Asia. He then moved from the execution business three years ago and is now responsible for global prime finance sales efforts in the Asia Pacific.