Building bridges between Malaysia and the Rest of the World.

Providing strategic advice for companies and funds entering Southeast Asia.

Welcome to Redstone, an Investment and Advisory Firm that invests and helps businesses scale up across South East Asia. Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of technology across South East Asia, leveraging expertise and capital from North Asia.

We are fully focused on three main business areas:

Deploying capital into opportunities in Southeast Asia

Joint Venture Projects
Building partnerships and production capabilities in South East Asia

Providing strategic advice for companies entering Southeast Asia


Our mission is to accelerate digital adoption by bridging the divide between North Asia and South East Asia by leveraging cross border relationships and corporate access.

We deliver on this by accelerating the success of our partners and portfolios. Whether it’s helping advise them to expand research and development capacity in South East Asia, to opening up investment opportunities in the region, we provide bespoke investment advice and execution capabilities for all our partners.


We have broken down the approach into three main philosophies which are:

Partner with businesses with a sustainable business model
We look for businesses with a solid product-market fit that can benefit from the opening up of cross border links between South East Asia.

Founder centric
Partner with founders who have the scale and subject matter expertise to expand across South East Asia.

Starting early and following through
Initial investments in early stages that are generally post-revenue (Series A/Series B). Double down and top-up if the company shows good performance (using KPIs and key metrics). Mitigate risk of early-stage failures.