The Firm

Our Approach

Our investment mandate is highly flexible; we invest in private companies in South East Asia, primarily Malaysia across different security types. Our preference is taking an equity stake of 10-30% in a business, leaving all management rights with existing managers/ owners. In special situations, we will be able to structure deals across different asset classes.

We have no bias in sectors we invests in, but will favour consumer base companies that are able to lever the population dividend that is happening in Asia currently.

We are looking for businesses that have achieved commercial breakthroughs and are starting to penetrate target markets with long term value creation prospects. Typical characteristics of these companies include:

  • Board and management team consisting of founders, innovators and entrepreneurs, or in short, management team that act like owners
  • Valuations that reflect stage of development and accompanying risks and do not yet fully capture long-term growth potential
  • Several future funding rounds to be anticipated as the business progresses but current external funding is now required mainly for growth and execution
  • Risks are becoming less binary and more correlated with wider markets and economy
  • Low or no financial leverage
  • Company culture that fosters innovation and adaptability to changing environments
  • Proven business with at least a year of track record
  • Be able to demonstrate a clear path to scale for a large number of end users over the period of the investment

We hope to turn our investments into brand leaders have significant pricing power, strong barriers to entry, high margins, and attractive growth both domestically and internationally.

Our Capabilities

RHL has extensive investing, corporate advisory and capital markets experience. This experience gives us scope to add value to businesses in a variety of ways. We are looking to working with management teams and boards in the following areas:

  • Strategy and long term development plans
  • Assessing capital allocation alternatives
  • Board construction and corporate governance
  • Management remuneration and equity incentive structures
  • Investor communications
  • Improve decision making by providing management insights and data from our global industry research
  • Leveraging our global networks to improve business outcomes
  • Major transactional events such as M&A, public to private, IPO and other capital raisings, and bank re-financings